Pharma Industry
Maintaining sterile materials and an environment is critical for the integrity of APIs, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Filtration helps achieve high-purity targets. Increasing filtering efficiency reduces contaminants and improves product quality. Pharmaceutical companies want high-quality filtration consumables and systems. Gopani manufactures sterile filtration equipment, consumables, and systems. Our filter systems offer high-quality filtration and preserve membrane filters from clogging. In severe environments, filtration consumables and systems perform well. They are safe from reactive chemicals, high temperatures, and solvents. All our filter equipment is numbered for full traceability.

Gopani provides cost-effective filtration solutions to protect processes and products:

  • Depth filtration for precipitate control
  • Bioburden and endotoxin reduction
  • Solids removal reclaim and recovery 
  • Sterilizing grade filtration
  • Bulk chemical and solvent Filtration
  • Plant services and utilities 

Optimize API output quality/quantity and costs.

APIs are drug mainstays, and their manufacturing involves price arbitrages and regulatory compliances. Streamlining process eliminates these issues. API production requires filtration that determines product quality. High-quality filter consumables and systems assure high-purity products and sterile conditions. 

Want Traceable Products but Worried About Bleeding Part Numbers on Cartridge Filters?

Traceability is tracking a product's application, history, or location using recorded IDs. Part number coding or Traceability simplifies replacing filtered API cartridges after cleaning. Hence, cross-contamination risk decreases. Our coding system prevents ink bleeding and melting-related contamination.

Large-order scalability

Most pharma filter housings have a compact footprint and are simple to scale. Our scalable products are SIP and CIP designs.

Existing filter equipment is not tough enough and plugs easily?

Only compatible filter systems will filter well. Our product systems manufacture filtering consumables that withstand high temperatures, liquids, and corrosives. In simple words, high-quality filters are most effective and lasting, reducing downtime and changeouts. As a result, you will have cost-effective CAPEX/OPEX and ownership.

Decolorization Simplified

API crystallization typically requires color reduction. In addition, activated carbon is used to decolorize. Carbon selection is crucial for these applications. Most manufacturers choose granular or powdered filter material. Besides, carbon block systems are popular because they have a cartridge and a large carbon surface area.

Efficient particulate removal protects downstream processes.

In many API production processes, solids/particle removal is required to safeguard downstream operations. Unsuitable filter systems might clog often owing to particle swelling or loading. As a result, wide chemical compatibility and strong construction are needed in cartridge filters.

What Do Pharma Companies Need?

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Better production control
  • Better quality
  • Easy traceability with Part number coding
  • Vacuum packing
  • Price Benefit
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Constant improvement

Our Filtration is popular!

  • Sanic antibacterial depth filters do not grow germs during production interruptions, unlike cartridge filters. They are a-toxic, sanitary, and chemically compatible.
  • Our Clarypleat variants feature high dirt-holding capacity, surface area, filtering effectiveness, and micron ratings. The PTFE construction versions are heat- and chemical-resistant. 
  • Stainless steel filter housings (ClaryT Series) are ideal for high-precision applications. Our company manufactures space-saving and small SS filter housings with SIP and CIP designs. Gopani customizes products to meet the needs of the customers. 
  • Our bag filters are chemically compatible, dirt-holding, and high-flow. Heat-treated polypropylene needle-felt filters in these filters reduce fiber migration. Pharma companies employ our bag filters for liquid-solid separation, API purification, and coarse filtering.
  • Clarysynt Metallic Filters are suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. They provide great regeneration, extending service life. These filters are used for catalyst recovery, gas filtration, steam, chromatography solvents, pre-filtration, and viscous liquids.

Fully validated API, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic filters

Every API and pharmaceutical process requires purity and sterilization. The products must be made safely, quickly, and affordably in a sterile setting. To meet these standards, the industry requires approved filters used in the following:

  • Sterile gas and venting filtration
  • Bioburden reduction for final filtration and sterilization 
  • Sterile final product filtration 
  • Prefiltration for removal of undissolved powders/impurities and solid impurities 
  • Prefiltration to protect downstream equipment
  • Autoclave vent filtration to prevent external product contamination 
  • Sterile vacuum filtration and package sterilization
  • Filtration processes in buffer prep, Media prep, bioreactor support, and cell culture harvesting in biopharma production

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