Chemical Industry
In processing consumable and industrial chemicals, purity and clarity are key. Excellent filtration equipment and techniques designed for chemical processing must be used. The application requirements must be carefully examined, and a proper strategy must be established to optimize operations and assure filtering quality. Having simple, rapid, and transparent access to the finest filtration equipment is also crucial.

Filtration Synonyms With Gopani

We offer the right filtration systems and consumables, from reactive solvents, volatile chemicals, and corrosive liquids to precious metal recovery and catalyst stripping.

Frequent HTF Loss and Mechanical Seal Leaks?

Ignoring heat transfer fluid health causes quality decline. It will slow the process. Knowing what degrades these fluids is the first step in repelling attacks and increasing their efficiency. Filtering out the impurities from HTF will enhance its service life and minimize maintenance costs, decreasing your OPEX/CAPEX.

Filtering high-viscosity sealants and mastics?

High-viscosity mastics and sealants glue expensive engine components. They avert water intrusion, and joint corrosion is prevented. These viscosity sealants and mastics must be of high quality. Thus an appropriate filtering system is essential. High-pressure filtering systems with particle removal, materials compatible with viscous substances, and high dirt-holding capacity provide a high-quality final product. Our specialty cartridge filters and filter housings for very waxy and viscous liquids can be modified.

Non-Compatibility of Filtration Products Preventing Desired Output?

To improve filtering operations and achieve target output, use suitable filtration consumables and products. We use duplex, C22, stainless steel, and super duplex in our filtering equipment. We improve product compatibility by treating surfaces to prevent contamination. Clamp closure, part number coding, or seated Silicon/Buna-N/Viton 'O' ring sealing avoid unintentional misplacement, decreased pressure drop at the high flow rate, longer service life, zero bypasses, and more.

To maximize precious metal recovery from the used catalyst.

Chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical operations employ platinum, rhodium, gold, and palladium catalysts. After repeated use, the valuable metals are recovered, and their worth is maximized. At every level of healing, filtration is key. The multistage extraction ensures +99.5% recovery. Our professionals have used metal recovery equipment. They have considerable knowledge and awareness of recovery challenges. Our filtering systems cover the whole Catalyst Recovery process.

Is low solvent recovery decreasing the profits?

Loss of solvents affects manufacturing costs. A good solvent recovery system cuts expenses. Manufacturers keep track of Kilograms of solvent wasted vs. Kilograms of output to maximize solvent recovery. Our solvent recovery experts can help you choose a quality activated carbon for a vapor recovery system. Our team gives criteria for contact time, Superficial Velocity, absorption capacity, solvent isotherms, and estimated life of Activated Carbon.

Handle Corrosive Liquids And Chemicals

Reactive chemicals include acids, oxidizers, alkalis, and transition metals. These compounds are exceedingly harsh, and only corrosion-resistant materials can withstand them. Hence, when filtration includes corrosive or reactive liquids, a filtration system composed of resistant material or coated with a substance that repels these chemicals and does not allow them to react with the filter cartridge or housing is necessary. Our company makes chemically stable filter housings and consumables for reactive liquids. Our experts can examine your need and provide an option.

Need cooling tower water treatment?

Cooling towers are a highly cost-effective method. Some models may have blowdowns, efficiency difficulties, and secondary waste treatment. Hence, choosing the correct cooling tower water treatment system is crucial. Improved feed water filtration, removing scale/corrosion-causing contaminants, and high-quality side stream filtration is critical in the best cooling tower water treatment system.

Our specialty filtration products and consumables are utilized for:

  • Slurry Filtration
  • Salt and catalyst and salt recovery
  • Deionized (DI) water filtration
  • Emission control
  • Feedstock filtration
  • Water/Feedstock Purification
  • Fermentation broth clarification
  • Final product clarification/filtration
  • Phase separation (liquid/liquid, Liquid/Solid, Liquid/Gas)

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