Freshwater is scarce. e must fulfil utility water and consumption demands. Oil spills, sediments, biofouling, minerals, salts, and other impurities pollute water bodies. Utility, consumption, wastewater or commercial/industrial released back into a water body must be filtered and treated. Hence, water treatment is crucial as it filters, cleans, and processes polluted water.

Advanced water filtering solutions

  • Membrane pre-filtration desalination: Pre-filtration is essential for RO membranes and units to last as long as possible. Before RO filtering, cartridge filters expel colloids, suspended particles and other impurities. It reduces RO membrane filtration stress, extending its life and improving performance.
  • Membrane fouling protection in desalination: Turbidity and SDI determine how to employ spiral wound NF/RO membranes. An excellent multimedia depth filter followed by cartridge filters reduces SDI, RO fouling/caking and turbidity. As a result, it enhances NF/RO element life span and permits good performance spiral-wrapped NF/RO membrane.
  • Desalination: Biofouling Protection: 1-micron filters prevent biofouling. On the other hand, non-spherical bacteria vary from 0.2-2 microns in length and width. A 1-micron filter eliminates most cysts and bacteria, preserving the RO membrane from biofouling.
  • Raw Water Treatment: Raw water processing includes filtration, wherein raw water is pre-filtered. Filtration removes tiny particles from water, ensuring its cleanliness.
  • DI filtering: Deionization systems filter entering mains water. Trap filters prevent ion exchange bead migration or silt from contaminating make-up process water downstream.
  • Process Water Treatment: Water treatment enhances industrial heating, processing, cooling, washing and cleaning operations. These applications need certain water pollutant removal characteristics and quality. Hence, filtration eliminates pollutants.
  • WTE (Wastewater and Effluent) Treatment: Wastewater streams carry calcium, silica, heavy metal, magnesium, etc., which are toxic to underwater/marine life and the environment. Before being discharged, effluent is filtered and treated.
  • Boiler Feedwater: Filtration eliminates scale and rust from boiler feed water to keep the equipment healthy.
  • Water Reclamation: Filtration removes particles to reuse water and safeguard water resources.
  • Discharge Water: High-capacity filters keep discharge water compliant and clean.

Choose water and wastewater filtration equipment wisely!

Activated carbon is used in municipal and industrial wastewater. The variants vary by procedure and fluid quality. Whether you manage a textile unit, industrial production set-up, pharma firm, or factory, you must clean wastewater before releasing it into the environment. Seawater is plentiful. Before using it for consumption, commercial, utility, or industrial applications, it must be treated. Hence, desalinization is the solution. Gopani manufactures advanced prefiltration systems for desalination. 

How are wastewater and water filtered?

Wastewater and water treatment have several uses and require various filtering methods. You must pick your filtration system depending on pollutants and desired filtering output. Fill out the contact form for help. We will discover the greatest wastewater and water filtration system. You can also browse our products for maximum efficiency, such as:

  • Filter Cartridges
  • Filter Bags
  • Filter Media
  • Filter Housing
  • Automatic Self-cleaning Filters

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