What Is Desalination?

Water Scarcity And Alternative Sources

About 70% of the surface of the earth is covered with water, but only 2.5 percent of it is fresh. Out of this 2.5 percent, much of the amount is in the form of frozen glaciers and found in locations, where it is impossible for humans to live. It is suggested to not freely utilise this fresh water supply for industrial uses and with this question arises that how the requirements for human consumption will be met, what is the other option?

Desalination of seawater is the solution to the water shortage.

What Does Seawater Desalination Mean?

We have access to abundance of sea water. But as it is unfit for use, it needs to be processed to make it useful for consumption, utility, or for commercial and industrial purposes.

Desalination is the term used to describe the process of removing salt and other minerals from water. To provide water which is fit for drinking, utility, or industrial use, salt water is desalinated.

Desalination process was by ships traveling the ocean in bygone times. In 1928, the Netherlands installed the first desalination plant on land. After which, the Gulf nations quickly embraced the technology to meet the water needs of their desert regions. In 1930, Saudi Arabia constructed the first multi-effect distillation facility. They set the millions of budget for this large-scale undertaking. However, membrane desalination technologies became the dawn of a new era. In California, the first commercial reverse osmosis (RO) desalination facility was set up in 1965.

Which Countries Use Desalination?

Countries where there are petroluem resources and limited sources for fresh water supplies, desalination has gained high traction. The desalination plants are extensively purchased by nations with the rapidly growing population rates and less sources for the fresh water supplies.

Desalination facilities are currently used by nations like the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Greece, India, Italy, etc.

As per a report of to the UN, 14% of the world's population would experience water scarcity by 2025. Currently, just 1% of people of the world rely on desalinated water to meet their daily water needs.

Some Crucial Challenges for Desalination

  • One of the main obstacles is the high energy consumption that results in expensive desalination costs.
  • Regular maintenance requirements of the desalination facilities.
  • Replacement expenses because pollutants like oil, microorganisms, and dead sea organisms cause the RO membrane to clog and cake.
  • The removal of brine left over from desalination is still another difficult task.

Why Is It Important To Pre-Treat Seawater Before Desalination?

It is important because it:

Removes bacteria, suspended solids, color, and turbidity: A lot of organic trash, plastic garbage, bacteria, and silt are there in the sea water which are taken out for desalination of it. It is important to remove all these impurities, before using the seawater for desalination. These pollutants lead to a shorter operational lifespan, and increases the maintenance needs of RO membranes. The RO membrane is safeguarded by pre-filtering, extending its useful life.

Remove Oil from Sea Water: Marine life is being adversely affected by ocean pollution, which is growing startlingly fast. Acute hydrocarbon contamination is caused by oil spills, significant maritime traffic, and increased petrochemical output. This contaminated water creates caking and clogging and reduces the effectiveness of the desalination equipment when it is passed through the desalination plant. In order to make certain that the desalination facilities perform consistently for a long period, oil removal equipment like Gopani's Clarysorb Cartridge Filter is ideal for a preventive pretreatment operation.

Reduce the Desalination Plants' Operating Costs: Operational costs decrease enormously if fouling of membranes is substantially decreased. Additionally, desalination plants are expensive, and a prefiltration device may successfully guard against damages to this expensive equipment.

Benefits of Pre-Treatment in Seawater Desalination by Reverse Osmosis:

  • Do not put your desalination plants under too much strain.
  • Work towards enhancing the life of your desalination unit and associated machinery.
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and the burden of frequent maintenance.
  • Improve the efficiency of the desalination plant with high quality pre-filtration.

Gopani: Developing Pre-Filtration Technology for Desalination Through Incremental Innovation

Innovation is a tool to discover easier and more effective solutions to pressing issues, and when the innovation ends, growth also stops. Membrane-based technologies were created in the late 1960s, and recent years have witnessed a lot of innovation in this field, according to Gopani. Pre-filtration, however, has not undergone any significant innovation. In order to address desalination issues, Gopani innovates prefiltration products and services.

As the water resources are limited and dwindling, people look for sea for fresh water. And to make it of use, the desalination technology is demanded which thereby has increased the demands for effective pre-filtration. Our Clarywound 3X have high dirt holding capacities. The cartridge filter is small, environmentally friendly, and reasonably priced.

With a pending patent, Clarywound 3X

  • High-performance cartridge filter with a three times higher capacity to hold dirt.
  • Utilizing CNC machining, true multi-layered micronic gradient density was achieved.
  • More efficiency translates into 3 times fewer changeouts and 3 times lower disposal costs.
  • 100% free from releasing agents, lubricants, antistatics, and resin binders.
  • Check our exclusive range of Clarywound 3X.

Improvement Scope For Desalination!

Many organizations are attempting to improve the effectiveness and innovative features of the desalination process and the equipment. Desalination with solar energy is also a possibility. With the present-day highly developed membrane technology, filtration professionals like Gopani have improved the prefiltration procedure's effectiveness through creative design.

Here is our Specialized Selection of Pre-filtration Equipment for Desalination.

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