Oil and Gas
Filtration is essential for oil and gas production, refining, and transportation. Failure to remove dispersed and dissolved impurities damages downstream and upstream equipment, increasing changeouts, operating expenses, and downtimes. Assume lubricants, solvents and catalysts have high-quality post- and pre-filtration. In such a situation, expensive oil and gas equipment stays healthy and performs well for years. In simple words, ineffective filtering is expensive. Hence, one should always invest in good-quality systems. Gopani offers a wide variety of oil and gas filtering equipment while working with customers to find the right filtration equipment.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimized for filtering
  • Durability
  • Less switching
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Lower expenses

Gopani Oil and Gas Filter Mix

  • Clarysorb OFW eliminates 99% of dispersed and dissolved hydrocarbons from water. The filter comprises surface-modified fiber, polypropylene core, and polyethylene-netted end caps. It is Ideal for bulk removal and coalescing.
  • RO Protect HF pleated cartridge filter features a 110m3/h flow rate and gradient pore structure. Its inside-out flow technique minimizes contamination during changeouts. High-flow pleated cartridge filters filter workover brines, raw water, etc.
  • The pleated cartridge filter- Clarypleat 5000, is made of glass fiber media to attain a 5000 beta ratio at rated microns. It is deep filtering, and a large filter area improves filter effectiveness and life.
  • Clarypleat HE filters include no chemicals, binders, or surfactants. Thus, there is no media migration, chemical leeching, or other channeling issues. Our final bulk or Pre-filtration filters when filtering efficiency is key.
  • Clarysynt Metallic is suited for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Randomly arranged metal fibers are sinter-bonded to provide a uniform porosity filter medium with great dirt-holding capacity, high permeability, and low-pressure drop.
  • Clarywound 3X has three times both- the service life and the dirt holding capacity, resulting in three times the savings. 
  • The Clary-T Housing has best-in-class filters and pods. It handles particle removal, pressure, retention, and flow. It also has Dual filter orientation and smart pipework providing ongoing filtering and little production loss.

Choose filtration equipment carefully.

The oil and gas industry faces environmental and worker safety problems. Hydrocarbon vapor emission is among the topmost problems. 

Downstream Applications

  • Injection water
  • Produced water treatment
  • Brine filtration

Upstream Applications

  • Combustion fluid filtration
  • Catalyst filtration
  • Condensate dewatering
  • Rich amine treatment
  • Lubricant oil filtration

Effective filtration benefits

  • Long-term reactor effectiveness
  • Protects the Glycol system against solvent losses and foaming 
  • Protects tail gas units and amine sweeting
  • Allows refiners to maintain product specifications
  • Increases product output and reduces reprocessing

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